Freshly-Made French Crêpes in the Tasting Room

That's right, our March Madness is not basketball, it's Maple Weekends!
Each March, NYS' Maple Association celebrates the spring tapping of maple trees with Maple Weekends, during which maple syrup producers offer tours of their sugaring facilities as well as pancakes (by the way, NY's production of maple syrup is the second highest in the US).  When Johnson Estate began producing its Maple Liqueur, we decided to celebrate these weekends as well; not with pancakes, but with freshly-made French Crêpes paired with house-made ground nuts and the Maple Liqueur. In 2023, we will be offering this delightful treat during two weekends: March 18 & 19 and 25 & 26, from 11AM until 4PM. The pairings are $5/person (free for Wine Club members) - and no reservations are required. 

P.S. If you are not close by, our French Crêpe Kits are again available

         LAST OF 2022 MAY WINE

The last of the 2022 vintage of May Wine was recently made available to our Wine Club members. Turns out we still have some cases left, so we are making it available to everyone at the nice price of just $9.00 per bottle. Bubbly, lightly sweet, and infused with an herb called sweet woodruff (which Jennifer also grows in the little woodland adjacent to the winery). This wine feels like the official herald of spring - even if it hasn't quite arrived here in WNY! Click here to put this in your cart!

As a reminder, we offer free shipping on orders in multiples of 12 bottles (750mL and 375mL sizes) to our customers East of the Mississippi, and in multiples of six or twelve bottles to our customers in Ohio, New York and Pennsylvania. Customers who live West of the Mississippi enjoy half-priced shipping on orders in multiples of 12 bottles
(750mL and 375mL sizes).


In March, we will be featuring Mary Williams' newly-created sparkling cocktail made with small splashes of Maple Liqueur and Passionate Peach in a glass of our classic Brut. Garnished with a bit of fresh rosemary, this creative ensemble is a delicious delight! Available on both Saturday and Sundays in the winery during the month of March.

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