Wine for Winter Parties (& White-Outs)

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How about this as a good reason for a winter party?  January 25th is the birthday of Robert Burns (1759-1796), Scotland's prolific national poet who wrote Auld Lang Syne.  In one poem, he wrote:"The wintry west extends his blast and hail and rain does blow...". which pretty much describes today's winter conditions here in western New York. 

A Burns' Night Supper:
The Johnsons and friends have hosted many Burns' Night Suppers - always a celebration of food and wine - and a little poetry.  Sometimes the evening includes bagpipes and dancing.  Sometimes it is casual, sometimes it includes kilts and bowties -  as in last year's dinner with friends in Cincinnati.  Fred, alas, is not wearing a kilt! 

Here's how the evening might go.  First, welcome any guests who have traveled in the snow with a glass of sparkling wine (May Wine) garnished with a single raspberry.  Then begin dinner with Smoked Salmon or White Fish paired with Traminette, which we believe pairs well with all smoked seafoods.  A first course might be the traditional Scottish Cock-a-Leekie soup with leeks, chicken broth, rice and the surprise of prunes (Toasted Oak Chardonnay). 

The dinner's main course could be Haggis (think of a savory sausage made with sheep or calf meat) - paired with a rich dry red wine (Vintner's Select Cabernet Sauvignon, Founders' Red, or Maréchal Foch) - and you can even "parade" it around the dining room, followed by the poem "Address to the Haggis"!  Oat cakes and Stilton are often served after this dinner - and what better time to break out the Cream Sherry or the Ruby Port?  Unless, perhaps, you would prefer to finish the meal with warm Red or White Ipocras!  See more about Burns' Night Suppers here.
Winery's Winter Hours:  The winery's winter hours are 10am-5pm daily, except for Friday and Saturday, when we are open until 6pm.  If the drive is daunting, as it would be for this Virginia girl, we would be happy to ship wine directly to your home

Ice Wine Update:  Yes, our ice wine grapes were harvested two weeks ago, during another cold spell.  The farm staff is back to the winter chore of pruning grapes.....more details on that in another newsletter. Available ice wines include: 2017 Vidal Blanc, 2017 Chambourcin (91 Points by and our Sparkling Rose Ice Wine.

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Jennifer & Fred Johnson, Johnson ESTATE Winery

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