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Jennifer Johnson
August 15, 2024 | Jennifer Johnson

A Leaf Trim for Our Traminette Vineyard

A Leaf Trim for Our Traminette Grapes
Can you guess what this machine does?
Anecdote of trimming the leaves on the east side of the vines, but not the west side..
Made by ___________, this is a leaf-cutter.  Yes, a machine that pulls the grape leaves away from the vines and fruit by suction and then trims them off.  The cutters are used when vegetation is too thick and might impede the ripening of grapes.  But, in the case of Traminette – there is something else which is going on.What’s This?  Imagine it much smaller – sort of like your husband’s automatic razor.  Okay – we’ll leave the hair analogy and tell you that this German-made machine has a


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