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Jennifer Johnson
June 6, 2018 | Jennifer Johnson

Ruby Dry Rose

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE:  May 14, 2018                 CONTACT:  Jennifer Johnson 513-502-0123

Johnson ESTATE Winery:  Releases New Dry Rosé
Made in traditional French fashion from estate-grown Maréchal Foch

Westfield, (NY) – To start.  What is the most popular wine in France?  Today, it is rosé.  In fact, since 2008, sales of rosé wines in France have actually been higher than sales of white or red wines.  Twenty years ago in the United States, rosé was thought of as a light, pink, sweet “beach” wine.  Today, more sophisticated rosé wines, often on the dry side, are experiencing a burgeoning popularity in the United States, amongst both Millennials and general wine drinkers – just as in France ten years ago.   Imports of French rosé wine to the United States increased 58% in 2015 alone – and over the last fifteen years have risen from a mere 158 thousand liters in 2001 to 7.800 million liters in 2015. 

Johnson Estate Winery’s 2017 Ruby Dry Rosé
In early May, just as spring was struggling to arrive in western New York, Johnson Estate’s winemaker, Jeff Murphy, confirmed that the winery’s most recent Dry Rosé was ready to be put on the shelves.   The rich ruby color of this wine positively glows in its clear glass bottle.  In addition, the bottle has a tempered glass cork – a pale pink re-sealable Vino-lok glass cork - which is also popular in Europe for rosé wines.

What’s the Saignée Method?
Johnson Estate’s 2017 Ruby Dry Rose was made from estate-grown Maréchal Foch grapes which were picked when fully ripe.  The juice was “bled off” just an hour or so after the grapes were picked and the remaining grapes were used to make our traditional Maréchal Foch varietal wine.  Thus, this light and fresh rosé juice has not been through the press nor is it fermented with grape skins.  This traditional process of making rosé wine is called “the saignée method”.  The resulting crisp, ruby-colored wine has an aroma of strawberries and cranberries and a velvety and full mouth-feel redolent of raspberries.  Strong elements of fresh fruit and very light tannins result in the perfect summer wine.

Johnson Estate’s Ruby Dry Rosé joins a portfolio of award-winning dry, semi-dry, and sweet wines made from both classic vinifera grapes (Riesling, Chardonnay, Pinot Noir, and Cabernet Sauvignon) as well as younger French varietals (Maréchal Foch, Chambourcin, Seyval and Vidal Blanc, and Chancellor).

Johnson Estate Winery, with 115 acres of vineyards, is the oldest estate winery in New York State and a founding member of the Lake Erie Wine Country. For more information please visit www.johnsonwinery.com, or www.facebook.com/johnsonwinery, or call 716-326-2191.

[Photo Credit:  John Conti, Jamestown, NY]


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