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Jennifer Johnson
December 14, 2018 | Jennifer Johnson

Sips and Tips, The Science of Shape and Stemware

Sips and Tips, The Science of Shape and Stemware, Edible WesternNY, Winter 2018
by Matt Robbins

Here's how the article begins:
The holidays are upon us.  You toiled over a hot stove for hours creating culinary perfection, researched the perfect wines to pair with the meal, and now your guests' stomachs are grumbling.  You set the table - a seasonal table-cloth, the good china, and the beautiful centerpiece you made, pulling the whole things together.  But then you go to the cabinet full of 50 different types of glassware you got from from relatives at your wedding and the panic sets in.  Which one do I use?  Does it matter?

Author, Matt Robbins, thinks it does.  His knowledge of glassware and the interplay between them and the taste of wine is shared in this article for the Winter 2018 Issue of Edible Western NY. 
Matt Robbins is a graduate of Rochester Institute of Technology with a degree in Molecular Biology and Biotechnology (aka the mad scientist).  He works at Johnson Estate Winery in the tasting room as well in the winery laboratory with winemaker, Jeff Murphy and regularly educates customers and winery staff (!) about things we did not know.  Here's the whole article!


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