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Jennifer Johnson
September 15, 2023 | Jennifer Johnson

Johnson Estate - a New Harvest Host & A Small World Story

Yes, Johnson Estate has just become a Harvest Host for those traveling in RVs.
This was recommended by a customer last summer - and signing up in late August was a simple and straightforward exerceise and led to quick reservations by those traveling through Western NY.

And here's the Small World Story (I think that there must be many in the RV world):
Jennifer's brother, Skip Schroeder, has an RV and is now travelling with his wife, heading west from Virginia. Two days ago, they were parking their RV in Louisville, Kentucky and a neighboring RV pulled in from NYS. Naturally, the two RV owners began to talk. The NY couple was from the Buffalo area. And of course, my brother asked if they knew a small town called Westfield.And their answer:
Of course we know Westfield. That's where our favorite winery, Johnson Estate Winery, is located. In fact, we have some Johnson Estate wine in the RV - would you like to come and have a glass?

Here's a toast to your small world stories as you travel!

Jennifer & Fred Johnson

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Jennifer Johnson
September 15, 2023 | Jennifer Johnson


FLIGHT, Outdoor Tasting Venue

on the Chancellor Green adjacent to the winery
OPEN September and October
Fridays & Saturdays - 11am - 5pm
Sundays - 11am - 3pm

Join us for flights or glasses of wine
and seasonally-curated cheese and charcuterie boards!
Open in September and
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Jennifer Johnson
July 17, 2023 | Jennifer Johnson

FLIGHT, the Estate's Outdoor Tasting Venue


Here's a little information about the Boards prepared for our guests at Johnson Estate - the ones pictured above are intentionally created with some different foods to pair well with certain wines. Our goal is to provide guests with the opportunity to sample three different wines (one doesn't get that even at an elegant dinner party!) and pair them with a variety of different foods.

This year, FLIGHT is featuring cheeses regionally made by Goot Essa, an Amish-owned cooperative located in Howard, PA. Their production of artisanal, small-batch cheeses using milk from the animals - cows, sheep, and goats - on their farms. The Boards also feature goat cheeses from Old Chatham Creamery, Groton, NY as well Lively Run.

What better way to enjoy local produce from Western NY & PA. The Boards include seasonal fruits and vegetables - we had strawberries in June and cherries until mid-July. They were accompanied by sugar snap peas and sliced cucumbers. Now the blueberries are in full force - and a local delicious force that must be tried! Local peaches will soon join the board. Each plays a role in providing a palate cleanser or pairing with the selected wines and other foods on the Board.

Each cheese and charcuterie board is prepared depending on not only your choice of wines, as well as your preferences for food (we can make sure that the boards are gluten-free, for example). The Board that we prepare to pair with sparkling wines includes a Smoked White Fish Dip; a "perfect pairing" with our Sparkling Traminette. Rose wines might include goat cheese with Quince Paste, another "perfect pairing" from our perspective.

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Jennifer Johnson
April 27, 2023 | Jennifer Johnson

What Sheila Said About Dry Rose of Pinot Noir

Jennifer has a dear friend from high school, Sheila M., who still lives in Virginia. Now retired, she and her husband have been able to visit the winery and farm. And she has discovered some favorites amongst our portfolio. Here's what she said when she  first ordered a case of Dry Rosé two years ago: 

"Okay. I surrender to the Dry Rosé of Pinot Noir.  All three bottles I ordered are gone.  Hence, I just ordered another case this afternoon. It is really good.  I usually do not drink rosé at all but this one just goes with everything ... or nothing at all!".

Thank you Miss Sheila for these kind words about one of our favorites!

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Jennifer Johnson
January 31, 2023 | Jennifer Johnson

Quelle Surprise: Our Trip to France + Pierre's Vision of LEWC

TABLE Magazine, Quelle Surprise
Winter 2022, Story by Pierre Brun w/ Photos by Jeff Swensen

Here's Pierre Brun at FLIGHT, fall 2022.

Piere and Jeff's article about their multiple visits to Lake Erie Wine Country during which they met with owners and winemakers of several wineries and sampled wines using their broad international perspective was a "deep dive" and recognized the potential and the "virtual rebirth" of the region. Their "Judgement of Lake Erie" was a clever way to analyze the wines in the area.

Since Fred and I had visited Reims and Epernay in May 2022,
Pierre's compliment for our Brut was especially appreciated!
Here we are in Epernay, France, on the Avenue de Champagne:

"An award for the sparkling wines (or méthode champenoise) was also given, by our tasters, as they were excellent....Johnson Estate Freelings Creek Reserve Brut distinguished themselves very clearly, suggesting that we might envision this region as an eventual "new Reims", with distinctive wines drawn from its own viticulture."
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Frederick Johnson
November 7, 2022 | Frederick Johnson

All About Torpedo Red for Veteran's Day

This label was designed by the Johnson’s son, Spencer, a US Navy active duty EOD officer, in honor of his grandfather, the winery’s founder, Frederick Spencer Johnson.

The dragon carrying a torpedo was the insignia of the WWII Navy Squadron Torpedo Three which flew off the Yorktown from 1943-1945.

The silhouette of the airplane is that of a TBM Avenger, designed by Grumman Aircraft and built by General Motors. to carry a 2,000 pound aerial torpedo. On November 11, 1944*, then Lt. (junior grade) Frederick S. Johnson, age 23, single-handedly torpedoed and sank a Japanese destroyer for which he was awarded the Distinguished Flying Cross by Admiral John S. McCain (the recent Senator’s grandfather).

The wine is a blend of Chancellor and Pinot Noir both grown here on the farm. It is a smooth but almost-dry, full-bodied wine that is ready to drink now but should also continue improving with age for at least another five years. 

This is a limited, special edition label we are now offering every November in honor of all veterans and active duty military.

* Coincidentally, November 11th is Armistice Day, now called Veterans’ Day.

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Frederick Johnson
May 30, 2022 | Frederick Johnson

Johnson Estate - Our Pet Policy

Johnson Estate Winery Pet Policy:
The recent opening of our new outdoor tasting venue, FLIGHT, adjacent to the vineyards has invited more questions about our pet policy – so here you go!

  • Yes, we are a dog-friendly place.  We all grew up with dogs on this farm and love them. So,
    • ​If your Fido needs water, we have it available in the Tasting Room and at FLIGHT.
    • If your Fido needs to stretch his legs with a short walk in the grape rows, that’s fine, we welcome you.
  • Here’s the caveats: People come first, dogs second.
  • So, at the Estate this means that:
    • Dogs should be on leash at all times.
    • Dogs must be picked up after (if you don’t have bags, we do).
    • If Fido wants to come into the Tasting Room or lie under your table at FLIGHT, we will poll other customers already in that space. If other guests have concerns (allergies, fears, whatever), then we still have water for Fido, he/she may still take a walk, but may not come inside or accompany you to FLIGHT.
    • We trust you that your Fido is well-trained, around strangers and around other dogs. If he/she has issues, please stick to water and walks for your pet.
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Jennifer Johnson
March 25, 2022 | Jennifer Johnson

FREE and Discounted Shipping Programs - Here's the Details

These programs refer to ground shipment only.  Please also know that orders placed on the weekend are shipped out on the following Monday.  Questions? shipwine@johnsonwinery.com.

OH, PA, & NY:
FREE shipping on multiples of SIX 750mL or 375mL bottles; does not apply to 1.5L bottles.
EAST of the Mississippi:
FREE shipping on multiples of twelve 750 or 375mL bottles.
EOM12 ♦ EOM24 ♦ EOM36
WEST of the Mississippi:
50% OFF shipping on multiples of twelve 750 or 375mL bottles.

Alaska*, Arizona, California, Colorado, Connecticut, District of Columbia, Florida, Georgia, Hawaii*, Illinois, Louisiana, Massachusetts, Michigan, Minnesota, Missouri, Nevada, New Hampshire, New York, North Carolina, Ohio, Oregon, Pennsylvania, South Carolina, Tennessee, Texas, Virginia, Washington, Wisconsin, & Wyoming.

*Discounted shipping programs do not apply to Alaska & Hawaii.
If your state is not listed above, we are still able to ship non-alcoholic orders. Please take a look at our fine food products.

1-800-Drink-NY or 1-800-374-6569, 10AM - 5:30PM daily. Our tasting room team will be happy to speak with you. Please do share our shipping offers with your friends and family!

Bottles must be 750mL or 375mL for free/discounted shipping programs.
Requires signature of someone over 21 years old.
We can ship to your home or work address.
Due to covid's impact on the shipping industry, transit times can vary from two days to seven days. For West Coast & Florida, we generally ship wines on Monday to attempt to avoid weekend delays.

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Jennifer Johnson
November 30, 2021 | Jennifer Johnson

"The Empty Bottle Collection"

The "Empty Bottles" that traveled the world and ended up in Westfield, NY
On Display at the Patterson Library, Westfield, NY

Made in England or Holland and filled with wine or alcohol, traveled on sailing vessels to the New World and South America in the 1700s, were dumped into the river by sailors, and then collected 200+ years later by a Westfield man.... who was working in British Guyana and had them shipped by plane to NYC/Buffalo/Westfield in the 1970s.

In the 1950s through the 1970s, Frederick S. Johnson worked in many South American countries as an agricultural consultant.  He and his family lived in Venezuela for about ten years until his father died and they moved back to Western New York in 1961. He collected a wide assortment of wine and distilled beverage bottles while working in British Guiana and many may have come from Dutch Guiana (Surinam).  Here’s an excerpt from an article published in the Buffalo News in 1979:

Fred was intrigued to learn that the nets of native fishermen were bringing up old bottles from the Demerara River and the ocean channels where the river meets the Atlantic. Mr. Johnson learned that these bottles had contained wine shipped to colonists of British and Dutch Guiana/Suriname back in the 17th century. These early settlers built their settlements closest to the rivers and found it handy to toss empty bottles into the water. Sand and silt, swept downstream by the water, buried the bottles and then uncovered them as channels changed....They come from a time when bottles were hand-blown, when the size and thickness of the glass varied.......The color of the glass bottles from Surinam varies from dark-green to brown-green. Many of the bottles still contain dirt and gravel… Mr. Johnson shipped scores of bottles home to Westfield, NY from South America.

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