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Last year, in the farmhouse gardens, a volunteer butternut squash
provided us with the surprise of a dozen squash.  SO,
this year's garden intentionally included zucchini, yellow,
and butternut squash plants underneath the apple trees. 
The result?  Prolific quantities of squash - which were often oversized,
due to travel and a lack of discipline on my part!

Here's the favorite recipe discovery of the summer,
just baked and ready to be cut into squares: 
Zucchini Pizza, thanks to Jim Lahey's recipe which is featured here
(thank you Cousin Helen!)

What wines complement this Zucchini Pizza? You choose! 
The basic recipe is a no-brainer for many dry or off-dry white wines,
including Toasted Oak Chardonnay or Seyval Blanc
That said, the recipe is easy to adjust with the addition of a bit of
pesto, onions/herbs, or  bits of vegetables/ham/bacon/smoked shrimp(!). 
In addition, my three batches have taught me that this pizza can be made
with a variety of different cheeses - this one is made with Reverie Creamery's Gitane,
with caraway seeds, which makes an interesting flavor element.  
At any rate, each iteration might suggest a different wine pairing. 
Happy sampling!

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