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Johnson Estate Winery


Tom D., Executive Chef, Salvatore's Restaurant, Buffalo, NY

Back in January of 2010, I wrote to you about laying down your fine Port for 5 years. Well, it has been 6 years now and I opened a bottle last night for family and friends and it is maturing beautifully. The second bottle is resting for another 4 years, until 2020. I think it will stand the test of time.

It made for a great pairing with Humboldt Fog, buttermilk blue and intense Camembert. Along with fine olives and cured meats. Just excellent. Bravo and Cheers!!

Steven G., Tecumseh, MI

A friend introduced us to a bottle of your wine. It was amazing!!! We really enjoy California Cabernet Sauvignon and this surpassed it.

Cindy F., Havana, IL, 2013

Awesome, friendly, staff!! What a great way to end my visit to the Niagara Falls International Marathon! I had stopped on my way to Niagara and then came back after the race to purchase wine to bring home. Your selections were top notch and your staff the BEST! Will forever remember this place, thank you.

Jackie C., Colchester, CT, 2013

I visited your winery yesterday after almost completing the wine tour. I flew in from Connecticut just to attend the Wine and Cheese weekend. I loved your winery!!! It was by far the BEST one out of 22 wineries that we visited. Plus, everyone was so friendly! I will visit again.

“Sunday Morning Tour” Reviewed for Trip Advisor, 2013

A positively delightful Sunday morning limited audience winery tour followed by tastings and food pairings. Goes way beyond the standard wine trail storefront visit. We reserved and paid for the tickets online in advance, and what a fantastic and worthwhile experience it turned out to be! We toured the grounds with Fred Johnson, who, since retiring from his corporate life, has returned to the family winery of his earlier days. 

Between his incredible wealth of knowledge (about his lands, vines, and the food/wine industries), and his palpable passion for what he does, we were held at rapt attention for most of the lengthy tour...and got all of our questions answered thoroughly (and I'm known for asking lots and lots of questions!) We covered a lot of ground and good walking shoes or sneakers are a must. Oh, did I mention that the scenery and views of Lake Erie will be absolutely gorgeous? Watch for this opportunity as it is a rare treat to get such a personal, inside look at the family winery business. Spending those hours here will be far more valuable than taking in 7 tasting rooms in the same time period.

Ed C., Facebook comment, 2013

This is delicious wine and I hope you will have it for another 51 plus years. I really mean it, this hit the spot for a great tasting Concord grape. Me and mine, we really like it.

Fidel on Google Maps, 2012

...rare that we buy a case in a single place, but wow we did, the reviews are accurate, sommelier was probably the best in memory.

Diane L., Sumter, SC

Just want to let you know that we visited your winery and tasted some of your wines... and then purchased some. We took them home and have shared them with some friends. All of us have enjoyed them very much! They are some of the best wines I have tasted.

Last night we had company over and opened our bottle of Ives... all of us enjoyed and commented on the wonderful taste. It even got us to reminiscing about the area, picking grapes as children, and the lake... we had a wonderful evening. This next week we are having family come down from Jamestown, New York and are planning on sharing with them and my mother our bottle of Concord. We saved this bottle just for this coming event, I am sure that they will enjoy it as much as we have. Thank you!! for the tasting and for producing such wonderful wines.

Matt and Amanda V., Erie, PA

We have been to many wineries in your area and very few come close to matching the experience we have had at your winery. Between the incredibly great wines the winemaker puts out and your serving staff, we look forward to every stop at your establishment. Special thanks must go out to Nancy, Mary, Brittany, and Deanna who make every visit a pleasure. Here's to you and your staff. Thank you so much.

Les and Robin T., Dunstable, MA

Last year during one of our visits to an old friend who lives in Westfield, we discovered your wonderful winery. When we had the pleasure of tasting some very special wines, my husband and I both agreed on several outstanding wines we couldn’t wait to share with our friends here in Massachusetts. Our favorites, by the way, were Chautauqua Rouge (my absolute favorite), Ives and during our Christmas and New Year's holiday we were able to treat special friends and family to your White Ipocras served warm, an absolute delight to one and all.

William E., Pittsburgh, PA

Received a bottle of your Liebestropfchen wine as a gift and was highly impressed with the outstanding taste.

Margaret B., North Andover, MA

My family and I recently visited your winery; I’m not sure what the young lady’s name was who helped us, but she was wonderful, made our experience very enjoyable. She was very knowledgeable and helpful. We made several stops that day and while each one was enjoyable, this was the best.

Kiel S., Indiana, PA

I just wanted to let you know how much I enjoy your wine, in particular the Pink Catawba. I usually do not like to drink, but I found the Pink Catawba to be quite tasty.

Romaine B., Coraopolis, PA

Since last year, I have been waiting for August. Last year I came home with a mixed case; all my family and friends just love the wine.

Glenna T., Dublin, OH

Visited your winery last week and brought home bottles of Lake Erie Chambourcin to share with my family. They love the wine!

Loretta F., West Falls, NY

I am a HUGE fan of Johnson Estate’s Little Love Drops [Liebestropfchen] and purchase it often as a gift or to serve to guests.

Patrick M., Long Beach, MS

As a native Ohioan I enjoyed many a bottle of Little Love Drops [Liebestropfchen]. Now that I live in the deep south, I am unable to get any! Imagine my surprise when I came across your web site!! Again, I can have that wonderful wine.

Ken B., Mentor, OH

On a whim, we recently tried your Proprieter’s Red. OMG! This is the first US wine we’ve tried that actually rivals the wines we love from Italy and Spain. We travel a lot and this is by far the best US wine we’ve tried. We’re new HUGE fans!

Carolyn J., Americus, GA

I received a bottle of your wine from a friend for Christmas. They had been in your area and purchased the wine. My husband and I don’t usually like red wine, but this was so good we would like to purchase more. It is Chautauqua Rouge from Johnson Estate.

Kerri S., Coopersville, MI

I recently sampled your Pink Niagara and fell in love.

Kerri J., Westfield, NY

On behalf of the staff of The Waters of Westfield I would like to thank you for providing your donation for our employee event. We are touched that you though of us. Our facility is blessed each year by the generosity and kindness here in Westfield and in our surrounding areas. We could not ask to be located in a better community and people like you help to make it that much more rewarding. Thank you again for thinking of our staff!

Conrad B., OH

I am an Ohio visitor to this wonderful area. I found Johnson Estate wines many years ago and enjoy them both here and in Ohio. There are several wines my family and I enjoy and can buy in our small hometown in Ohio. My favorite, however, is not available in Ohio, so each year I take home a supply of Ives. The color and flavor of this marvelous wine reflects the usual high quality of your wines. I am sending a brochure with the hopes that I can have someone from the Johnson family autograph it for me.

Cynthia M., Syracuse, NY

I am writing to you today with regards to the most delicious wine I have ever tasted. It was a bottle of Chautauqua Rouge, the most smooth light bodied red wine that I have ever tasted. Delicious is not even close to what I can describe when I was drinking your wine. It smelled fruity but not sweet, it tasted smooth but not overly so. It was in a class of its own. I have been to other wineries and tasted other wines from Virginia, California and New York but I must say that this impressed me. Who says that French or Italian wines are best, not me! This wine even took my vote over a California wine, and I say that with all sincerity.

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